Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut

Breakfast of Champions

A very witty book. Vonnegut explained that the novel was written to ”clear his head of all the junk in there.” As such the book follows two main characters: an author travelling across America and a wealthy man in the midst of a mental breakdown. The book is smattered with plot descriptions for stories Kurt never got round to writing, scatological humour, juvenile yet hilariously placed illustrations and satirical attacks on American Society explained in the most simplistic terms but with a palpable wryness. And Vonnegut doesn’t stop there, commenting on the issue of free will, the nature of insanity and generally the human condition in a provoking but still oh so droll manner. Don’t let the book fool you, a bizarre comic romp, it seems like a chaotic jumble, but it’s masterfully interweaved with a brilliant sense of humour…. Pity the film’s a bag of wank. (…like seriously terrible, I’m not one of those people that automatically hates film adaptations cause I’ve read the book, but this one, compared to the source material….dog shit).


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