About Us

The year is 2015; the Internet now not only assists and maintains, but influences and controls many aspects of modern society. It acts as a source of information, entertainment, frustration, procrastination, education, grocery shopping and companionship. All the while remaining impartial, unbiased and tolerant.

It is, then, the only true modern hero. A role model. That is, it displays characteristics and behaviour t’whit we all should strive.

It is a platform on which anyone with so much as a single thought process can be expressed an entire world over. It encourages sharing and thrives on infinite social input. It is a sycophant’s soapbox, a pedestal to the pompous, a breeding ground for contempt and the only plausible home to cyber bullying.

With so many websites and such a wealth of information and entertainment at your beck and call, where do you begin? We couldn’t say, but we did put this blog here to contribute to the chaos.

We only hope you swing by and enjoy our dilly-dallying, our shilly-shallying, our collaborative dithering, our joint uncertainty. Our collective indecision.

We’re not sure what makes you come here, but we know you’re a fool not to look around. Get informed. Be entertained. Stay indecisive.