Tunesday Weekly Song Round Up – 08/08/17

Tunesday ver.2

Alex Cameron – Candy May

Sleek and sexy synth-rock.  Alex is cooking up a storm right now, following up his debut album Jumping The Shark released only last year he’s already hard at work on his next album.  The first single we have is this featuring an almost Nick Cave vocal delivery, some backing vocals from Angel Olsen and a charged sax solo in the outro.  Definitely worth keeping an eye on this one.


Father John Misty – Things It Would Of Been Helpful To Know Before The Revolution

A new music video for a song taken from his latest album Pure Comedy.  Although the album may be gaining months in age now the topics and ideas put forward by Misty are certainly as relevant as ever.  A look into the lyrics reveals a world where the revolution has been and gone; the revolutionaries have their new world and destroyed the society before it.  In this landscape he acknowledges the possible new problems that’ll arise in a non-technological wasteland and questions whether we’d be better off, as well as hinting how we could easily slip back into a capitalist society as it may very well be inherent to human behaviour.


Everything Everything – Desire

Releasing new singles like it’s no ones business at the minute leading up to their forthcoming album, it’s great to hear that familiar unique sound this band brings again. The direction they seem to be going in on the previous releases indicate a progression into a more dance, particularly house, sort of sound.  Having said that, this track right here seems more indie-rock than the formers.  You’ll find peppy guitar licks, thick electronic pulsations and the typical wailing vocals we expect and love.


WOWH – Early Hours

Really fun indie tune from a musical duo who seem to be doing all the comprising with guitar, bass, drums and keyboards.  No complaints here if the music is as catchy as this. Good video that highlights this song’s already got it’s own special choreographed dance too, bravo.


Four Tet – Planet

Blissful electronic music; Four Tet’s speciality.  Layers of beats with some oriental textures that gently emerge.  And what?  It comes in at a total of just over 7 minutes? Huh, didn’t notice.


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